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Thursday, 7 July 2011

'PURPLE HAZE' Exhibition at the Corner Gallery

Mayfield Lavender (c) Tessa Spanton SWA

'PURPLEHAZE' is an exhibition showing works by several artists at the Corner Gallery in Carshalton Beeches from Sun July 3rd- Sat 6th August.

This follows on from the successful exhibition 'Lavender Blue Dilly Dilly' held last November at the Corner Gallery.

I have several paintings, silk scarves, pendants with miniature paintings and cards in this exhibition. There are 2 lavender fields locally where I have worked en plein air, walked the dog and taken many photographs. For several years I have exhibited my work at the annual open days at Carshalton Lavender.

I completed 'Poppy in the Lavender' just in time for the launch day last Sunday and it is currently in the window. At the launch there was champagne with lavender biscuits made by Cocoa River a few doors away
Some of my paintings are on this wall, the top 2 are oils by John Stillman ( Wapping Group) and the watercolour mid left is by Margaret Eggleton.

Below are some of my silk scarves.

and cards by a selection of the artists.

The furniture is also for sale.


Aldona said...

Congrats Tessa! What a lovely place to show your works! Just amazing!

Yankeegirl said...

Beautiful venue for your beautiful art work! I love the colors you use.

kraplap said...

It looks fantastic Tessa !!

Rita alias alatvian said...

Congrats Tessa! It looks adorable!

Star of the East said...

They all looks so beautiful together! Congrats on your exibition!

Erika Price said...

A wonderful exhibition Tessa - congratulations! And I love your poppy picture - is it for sale?


circleinthesand said...

How exciting!!! Your work looks just beautiful there!!! congratulations!!

Wezz said...

wow, this looks stunning and what a beautiful location to show off your artwork! Love the poppy painting!

onetenzeroseven said...

Wow, this looks gorgeous! Well done you!

Love the poppy picture, I have a soft spot for poppies as they were one of my Nan's favourites! :)

First Christian Church said...

It looks beautiful, Tessa! I love all the "purple" together. LOVE the poppy painting, that pop of red in the purple field is stunning!


Nancy van den Boom said...

So beautiful Tessa! Congratulations on the exhibition and congratulations for the shop/gallery too to have your beautiful work!

Colours and Textures said...

Thanks for your comments.