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Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Silver Photogram

Cards made on the computer from a Silver Photogram of lavender, wild flowers and grasses

I recently went to an evening event called Elements at the Wellcome Collection in London.It was a fun evening of crafts, music, story telling and science, themed around gold, silver and bronze the elements used for the Olympic medals.

To make the silver photogram I chose some items from a vast array of things. These were laid on photographic paper in the dark room and beamed a torch at them for 5 seconds. This was fixed in various solutions. The end result was black and white. Later I scanned it and changed the background colour. To find out where silver comes in to this look here

I watched a sausage (yes a SAUSAGE as in sausage and chips!) being used as a battery, listened to saxophones, made a silver photogram, extruded some fine silver wire, watched a silversmith making amazing new things out of spoons and learnt about metal colloids in stained glass.

 I also watched pewter being cast in cuttlefish bone.
This was run by the Institute of Making and was very popular. Each time I went to have a look there was a queue and a table full of people hollowing out patterns in cuttlefish bone. Alas time ran out for having a go at doing that.

The Bronzo Dog Doo- Dah  Band performance made a fantastic conclusion to the evening, They  played Baroque music and Jazz  There were 3 saxophonists playing bronze instruments. Some parts were made of silver. A mouthpiece was exchanged for a gold one and the sound changed from a soft muted sound to a brilliant full bodied sound and for the finale we heard the sound of a beautiful sax plated with pink gold. Other metals we heard were from the snare drum and the whimsical sound of a jig composed for the occasion and played on a tin whistle. 

Below silversmith David Clarke cutting a bowl for a spoon. The handle was removed from another spoon and soldered to the new bowl to make a new design. We were invited to have a go.
Spoons have been creatively used in the delightful little jugs bottom left