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Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Poppies Watercolour Plus Tissue Paper Part 2

Red oriental Poppy by Tessa Spanton

This is a continuation from my previous post where more of the techniques were described with details of where the full demo can be found at Leisure Painter magazine

 1. Yellow and blue under washes were applied to watercolour paper. When dry tissue was glued over the whole piece leaving a yellow glow under the poppy. Or this can be done after gluing the tissue on.
 The poppy was outlined with pencil and a first wash of red was applied over the poppy.
More tissue was placed over individual petals followed by more painting.

 I mixed some greens using ultramarine and lemon yellow and covered the background.  I started with a big blob of both colours and vary the mixes as I go, to add interest.
 I loaded a hake with the two colours and painted back into the wet paint. 
 When thoroughly dry I created buds and stems by painting around their shapes with a stronger mix. 

I added some more tissue petals.
When dry I drew the hairs onto the buds and stem using a white oil pastel
I worked over the flower to add more depth. (see photo at top of post)