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Monday, 23 May 2011

Monday Mood Board, Moss green

This is my newest scarf painted freehand on damp silk. The colours are soft pastel shades and were fixed by ironing.
It is available to buy here

I made this silk scarf sometime ago using the arashi technique. Arashi is a type of Japanese shibori which involves folding and twisting the silk in a specific way, it is then wrapped around a pole before applying the colours. While still on the pole the colours are steamed to make them permanent.
It is available to buy here

Monday Mood Board
I have been working in the garden today and that has inspired me to make this mood board using moss greens.

some favourites from the europeanstreetteam on etsy

Moss brush birribe for Europeforcharity
Green branch stoneware ring by LAccentNou
iPod sleeve by sleevy
Big O ear rings by deerlola

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