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Sunday, 2 February 2014

Painting at Reids Palace Madeira

A year ago I visited the gardens at Reid's Palace and made a drawing from the seat above.
I then pencilled some of the drawing onto a thick watercolour paper and laid down some under washes. Then it was time to go back to the UK. I took some photos as well and thought I would finish it later. That didn't happen so back in Madeira a year later I visited the garden again to do some more work on the painting. I went on two different mornings, both gloriously sunny and watched the dappled light and shadows change. I chose a moment to paint the shadows from the branches and foliage  when they were cast on the steps
There are tables on the balconies waiting for visitors for the famous afternoon tea.
I enjoyed afternoon tea there some years ago.

Above left the under washes               above right ( a year later!)   the next stages


 Not really quite finished.......... what I may do is start another, simplify it a bit and retain some of my observations.