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Sunday, 19 January 2014


Waterlogue is a new toy that I have been playing with. It is an app that uses a photo from an iphone or ipad and 'artifies' it in various ways.

I photographed a bowl of clementines. Opening the photo in Waterlogue I found a range of options at the bottom of the screen to choose from. Once you have chosen one it gives a preview, if you select that one it takes less than a minute for it to draw and paint in stages. I have written the name of each option with the finished result. I thought is was fun to watch how it went about it how it, modified it and what it left out. It works better with some photos than others.

                                                            above my photo of clementines in a bowl

below using 'colour bloom'

My photo  Freshly baked scones

                                                 above   'Travelogue'
                                                 below   'Colour bloom'

'It's technical'