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Friday, 15 March 2013

Just Joey

 Rosa Just Joey an original silk painting (c) Tessa Spanton

I spent about an hour drawing this rose in the gardens of Pashley Manor. It was around midday on a very warm
and sunny July day. By the time I had finished, the rose had opened further and the quality of light had changed.
The silk painting was done later in my studio.
Today I took this and 4 other paintings, some prints and cards down to Pashley Manor in East Sussex. They will be there on show and for sale from Easter till the end of September.

I also have limited edition prints available to buy. If you are interested conact me here
It was windy, cold and wet today, very different from the day when I drew this rose. The trees were bare and the rose bushes neatly pruned. There were snowdrops, hellebores, winter honeysuckle and daffodils in flower
These flowers were under snow only a few days ago but in about six weeks time there will be around 22,000 tulips in flower in time for the tulip festival.
When I look at that painting I still remember being in those beautiful surroundings and what a hot sunny day it was and the lovely lunch I had on the terrace when I had finished the drawing. That's what I love about drawing or painting out of doors, there's so much more of the experience going into it than from just a photo.