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Monday, 8 March 2010

Colours and Textures

I made these pieces from little bits of handpainted silk, merino fibres, angelina, some funky yarns and some metallic threads and fabric. I love the range of colours and textures.
They were sandwiched between layers of Solvy held in place by lots of pins. Then rows of machine stitching were done in both directions. When rinsed the Solvy dissolved away and thankfully the new 'fabric' stayed together.
This was our project for the afternoon at the Surrey branch of the Guild of Silk Painters.
We brought various goodies along with us to use and to share. Jenny whose idea it was brought 2 lovely scarves that she had made this way. We had a good supply of tea and little cupcakes made by Jane, whose house we invaded. Great fun was had by all.

The fabric can be made lighter with spaces like a honeycomb or denser so that you don't get gaps showing. Lovely for scarves, book covers or bags.