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Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Praia da Falésia Algarve

This was painted using Atelier slow drying acrylics on a canvas 100 x 75 cm.
 I found the slow drying properties of this paint really helpful when working on such a large scale.
 I also created some texture on the foreground rocks by incorporating some sand from the beach, held in place with Atelier's binder medium.
 In an earlier blogpost I wrote about 2 acrylics that I did of the colourful cliffs there. The view is from Portobay Falesia hotel up on the cliffs.
I used photos I took when staying at Olhos d'agua in the Algarve and bringing together some of my findings from earlier explorations in the form of sketches and watercolour studies that I did when there.
The painting was varnished using a satin finish.

 The photos below show different stages during the painting.

The big blank canvas

Under painting

close up: more work on the sea and a group of figures on the beach 

The finished painting is now on its way to a new home in time for Christmas.

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