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Friday, 12 October 2012

Painting Tree Bark

            Sweet Chestnut Bark  by Tessa Spanton
            Watercolour with on paper with Polyfilla (c) 2012

The Leisure Painter magazine for November came out today. In it there is the second of my 'Watercolour Plus' articles. In this one textures are made using Polyfilla, gel medium, cling film with some spattering of paint and grating of watercolour pencils.
The image above shows the amazing bark of a huge sweet chestnut tree in Carshalton Park. There are several of these trees which were planted about 400 years ago when the land was a deer park. This tree is in the park but some of them are stranded outside the boundary in  the pavements of a tree lined road.
This magazine is available from large newsagents or art shops or can be bought on line here
 It is also available as a digital version.
I am looking forward to mine plopping through the letterbox as I haven't seen it yet.