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Friday, 18 April 2014

Business cards

Usually I make my own business cards using Publisher and printing them out.
Recently I tried the free sample pack of 10 cards offered by Moo.com  click here postage is also free.
There are various templates on offer, I chose to make my own. I put a cropped image of one of my oil pastel paintings with some text on one side and a whole image of a silk painting on the other side. The Moo logo appears on the side with the full image. When you place an order you can pay a bit more if you would prefer it to be logo free. It was all fairly easy to do. I had one or two queries and found the people at Moo very helpful over the phone.

I then tried another batch of Moo cards through Folksy, 50 cards for the cost of the postage only.
This time it is the Folksy logo that appears on the image side. As this logo is multi coloured I didn't want it on the main image. It is possible to avoid this, just a bit more complicated. I made up the text side in Publisher and converted it to a PDF file. I loaded this to the image side and zoomed out a bit so that the logo didn't cover my text. I much prefer the logo with the text  as this is where the web address of my Folksy shop is. I then put the full image on to Moo's text side.
The only drawback is that I couldn't use the Printfinity option doing it this way. Prinfinity means you can have a different image on each card.
I chose Moo Classic, 350gsm card with a silky finish from a sustainable source.
I am really pleased with the results.

Thursday, 3 April 2014

Dorking Group of Artists Spring Exhibition

This flier shows part images of some of the works that will be on show. One of mine is Lavender with ox eye daisies, centre left. It is watercolour with aquarelle sticks,