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Monday, 30 March 2020

Opportunities for Art Making

 Lilies     black pen on paper
This is today's effort for Viral Art Club on instagram link here
 I drew negative shapes only. A fun visual work out but I did need tea and toast with marmalade after to refuel.

Since lockdown due to covid19 here in the UK some of my activities have switched online.
I cancelled the classes I teach and offered an online option or a refund. Most opted for online classes. I quickly set up a Dropbox folder  I made some demo videos, filmed by OH on my phone, complete with virtual biscuits for all. I added notes and photo reference. Students can post their work there, see each others and leave comments.
My Pilates tutor set up live online sessions on Zoom so I can continue with that.

                                          Seascapes 1 and 2    acrylic

                                          Cornish Pebbles  acrylic

Also I am doing the online Art2life Creative Visionary Programme. Above is my work from this week. Part of the brief is  to avoid midtones.
 I signed up for this 4 or 5 weeks ago before lockdown hoping I would be able to fit in the hours. I am pleased I did as I am able to spend more time on it than I would have done and I am finding it well worth doing. We get live calls and coaching sessions each week, lots of resources to draw upon, tasks and projects for each week and contact with a large community of people worldwide who are doing the course. Some are beginners, some are teachers and some have done the course before.
I look forward to the live sessions and seeing what art others there have been making.


Unknown said...

I can't see where to like your post but I loved your seascapes Tessa.
Very best wishes

Colours and Textures said...

As far as I know there isn't a like button on Google blogs just the option to leave a comment. Thanks for yours, Tessa