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Monday, 18 March 2013

Marbling On Silk

                                        Flowers marbled on Silk by Tessa Spanton

I have done marbling on paper before and watched it being done on silk
 by Hikmet Barutçugil at Art in Action. He demonstrates traditional Turkish Ebru patterns and flowery Ebrus using traditional tools and methods.
Yesterday I was at the Surrey branch of the Guild of Silk Painters. Together we explored different methods of marbling on silk, researched and hosted by Jane with various types of gloop and materials prepared by Jane and Jackie and some delicious  biscuits whipped by Jane during the peak of action.
It was a matter of light the touch paper and stand back as we produced a flow of work that was festooned on driers or filled the floor space to dry  on pieces of newspaper.
All my examples shown here were done using iron fix silk paints. The substrate (gloop) for the top image and the one below was methocel. The other examples below were done on shaving foam, fun to do but not so much potential as with methocel.
 I forgot my camera and phone so have no photos of the process so that will have to wait for another post.

 Below: all done on shaving foam.


Stephanie Guy said...

Very interesting Tessa, such a shame you forgot your camera!

Anonymous said...

I love the marbeling! Always interesting to learn about new techniques!

baahar said...

Pretty patterns ! Glad you had fun :)

ClarMar said...

Can you maybe describe how you did it? Always interested in trying new methods and this sounds very exiting.

Colours and Textures said...

When I do some more I will do another post with photos to show the process and some explanation.

maryeb said...

Very pretty, Tessa. It's always fun to learn new things. Thanks for sharing!