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Sunday, 3 February 2013

Painting Snow, Leisure Painter Magazine

Snow on Headley Heath  (c) Tessa Spanton
 watercolour  14x11in

Headley Heath is fairly local to me and is one of my favourite places to visit for landscape painting. 
It was a favourite of our dog too for picking up big sticks to carry, blackberrying fetching her ball and chasing but never catching rabbits.
There are little hills and valleys and glimpses to the North Downs, silver birch trees, gorse, heather in season, highland cattle and small ponds sometimes frozen in the winter.

You can see some of my paintings  here

The painting above is in this month's Leisure Painter magazine as the  subject of a step by step demo that I wrote. 'Quick tips for painting snow.' I like to see the colours in freshly fallen snow on a sunlit day but as for slushy suburban snow the sooner it melts the better.

March issue published on Feb 1st and also available as a digital version. from here


baahar said...

Woot for the feature in the magazine!! Love painting magazines like that and always look through them with a sigh :)

Cath said...

Fabulous atmospheric painting Tessa. I agree about the urban slushy stuff though, hate it! I wish it stayed looking like it does in your painting!

Colours and Textures said...

Thanks. The recent snow happened while we were away, we were back for the slushy bit. Glad to have missed it. Often when the snow is at its best are roads are at their worst. I remember slithering along an icy road in the car near Juniper Hall to get photos of the the snowy landscape.