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Sunday, 27 March 2011

Let me introduce you to....

Today I am featuring work from three different shops. I have chosen one item from each shop as shown above. details of the items are below and if you would like to take a closer look click on the links, these are in grey text.
I have chosen these as I love textiles and soft textures whether woven, stitched or felted.

Now l will introduce you to Judi, Denise and Judy. They all live a long hop over the pond in different parts of the USA and their shops are on etsy. We belong to a friendly and supportive team on etsy called BBEST which stands for Boomers and Beyond Etsy Street Team and that's where we met, online

Judi from Imaginuity

Judi describes her studio as a crow's nest filled with treasures to inspire her imagination and she says she has been dreaming and designing with textiles since she could hold a needle.
Some these treasures have been artfully and skilfully combined in the crazy patchwork cuff that I have chosen.
She makes statement necklaces and fibre art jewellery and I know that she is an accomplished seamstress who has made her own clothes as well as theatre costumes. If you visit her shop you will see in her profile that she has 3 shops altogether, writes 2 blogs and is a creativity coach.
Do have a peek at her statement hat.

Denise from TeardropHankys

Denise is new to the team and her shop is fairly newly opened. She works with her collection of vintage hankies and inspiration both inherited from her crafty grandmother. The vintage print reminds me of the summer dresses my mother wore in the 50s. The colours in the print have been creatively echoed in the ribbon, buttons and border to make this beautiful pillow. I never knew that hankies could be so large!

Judy from jnoriginals

Judy makes crocheted and felted accessories. She says that creative dreams are realised when we ask 'what if?' and 'why not?'
I think this is so true of creative use of colour and I like her colour combinations.
The felted needle book that I have chosen combines a lovely sky blue and muted orange. The effect is cheerful and reminds me of a sunny Autumn day on the coasts of Devon and Cornwall when the bracken has turned to burnt orange and the colour sings with the blue of the sky and sea.
Judy has 4 shops on etsy and is also a blogger.


Judy Nolan said...

What a nice thing to do to feature 3 fellow BBEST members! Thanks for including me.

Jill said...

Great post!!!

johnniebelinda said...

Enjoy seeing the boomers featured in your blog!

Julie G. said...

Very Nice Tessa! Great fellow Bbesters that you've chosen to highlight, and their beautiful work!

Pat said...

What a lovely gesture! Great choices.

dindi said...

great choices!

Nauli said...

Lovely feature

LeelaBijou said...

Great feature! :)

Imaginuity said...

Great fun to read - I enjoyed learning more about my teammates! And I am honored to be included... thank you so much!

Tear Drop Hankys said...

What a wonderful way to feature fellow boomers Tessa ! Not only a photo, but by taking the time to write a blurb about each one.
I am honored you chose my pillow and loved your comment about it reminding you of your Mom's summer dresses...me too !
Thank you much !