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Saturday, 11 December 2010

Wisley Light Trail, Icons of The Garden

Icons of the Garden - magnificent trees and a contemporary ice installation are brought alive with mesmerising lights at the RHS gardens at Wisley with a chance to warm up at the end with mulled wine and shortbread.

As I got out of the car into the dimly lit carpark I noticed a changing pattern of dapples of light projected onto the dark nightime clouds. The walk followed the route from the house to the milllenium glasshouse at the far end. I have visited this garden many times by day and at different times of the year but while still familiar the garden was transformed into the most atmospheric place. The scuptural beauty of selected trees was highlighted with coloured spotlights like the players in a ballet. The fountain played on the waterlily lake in front of the house changing through several different colours.

Ice Installation under the trees

The Millenium glasshouse changing colour and beaming lasers at the sky.

Laser patterns on the sky


Nancy van den Boom said...

Such beautiful effects with light Tessa. Thank you for sharing!

kraplap said...

Wow this is stunning ! I love the different lights on the trees !

Rita alias alatvian said...

Thank you so very much for sharing a glimpse of this stunning art work!

Morrgan said...

Oh wow! I do love light shows. =)

Cath said...

Fantastic Tessa, it reminds me of what I always imagine fairy land to be like!! Magical.